What does or must it take for businesses to embed an optimization culture, WRT #Salesforce?

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4 min readJan 23, 2021

You have read various blogs and posts from the Salesforce ecosystem talking about why businesses need to optimize their Salesforce org in order to leverage the benefits that come with it, but, what does it really take for businesses to shift towards an optimization culture when it comes to Salesforce?

What we often get told and read about is, what the end results will be if we make this shift towards an #optimization culture, however, what we often don’t get to dive deeper into is, what is involved in making this shift, here are our advice on the first three steps your Salesforce team can take to get started on this journey.

A few critical benefits that we already know get unlocked with optimization:

🔑allowing businesses to scale up without hindering important project go-lives and system performance

🔑allowing businesses to transform their customer experiences

🔑improvement in user adoption -> leading to improved productivity of your #revenue engines (a.k.a sales & marketing teams) which eventually has a positive impact on your business revenue

So, what does or must it take for businesses to make this shift What is the effort behind making this happen

Let’s dive into the three main areas critical to success, to help you get started towards this shift

1. As a business, if you have invested in Salesforce but your teams are not really using it as it should be, the investment you made is a bit worthless, so getting your stakeholders to champion the use of Salesforce across the business (across relevant teams) is an absolute must, as a first step.

  • Find your champions at the SMT level
  • Find your champions at the team level

These are your colleagues who will play a significant role in helping the business make the first successful step towards this shift

2. Ask the most important question and analyze your org set up to find out the answer (if you haven’t already)

How many #Salesforce admins does your org have, and how many out of those users, are accidental admins?



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