Making your investment in Salesforce Platform Impactful: A Challenge Faced By Many Businesses

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3 min readJan 9, 2021

Is the speed at which #Salesforce adding more to its platform capabilities, turning out to be a challenge for businesses that leave #optimization only for when they hit a blocker? Sharing some thoughts via this article 👇

Being able to effectively use a #technology a business invests in, is one of the key #challenges faced by most companies, and technology is only ever becoming a greater part of our working lives.

Systems that stand out as industry leaders must exhibit ease of use and maintenance, as well as trust that they can truly help companies streamline their business processes and accelerate growth. All of these, as we all know, come onboard when investing in Salesforce.

But how do you know whether you are getting the most out of your #investment in Salesforce?

Simply put, this comes down to how well businesses manage to maintain and keep the platform healthy. The success of this depends on the extent to which tech hygiene is embedded in everyday processes, and can be difficult to get right in the first place if one doesn’t have the right guidance.

With businesses using #Salesforce and constantly faced with the pressure and challenges of acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers, it becomes ever so important to have the right guidance and access to best practices, in order to help leverage what Salesforce offers best — a platform for businesses to improve the productivity of sales, marketing and #customer retention teams at the least, and establish processes to be able to manage a volatile sales cycle.

Successful businesses manage to leverage this ethos to improve and evolve with #Salesforce. But what’s the best way to do this? If you’re struggling to leverage all the functionality that Salesforce has to offer, here’s what I think can help businesses on a path to success.

Does your business have the right skills?

If your business lacks the right skilled resources to ensure your operational processes within Salesforce is driving sales productively and functional collaboration, this is the first area you might want to consider adapting.

Ask yourself how well your operational processes within Salesforce are optimized, and see where you might need to improve. This is the first area you want to improve to start seeing your ROI from Salesforce.

How often do your business requirements get implemented as solutions without much thought, only to find out later your end users are struggling to adopt them?

Or, do you feel your Salesforce platform is being used as a data entry system with hundreds of fields and objects with little alignment with the business process?

All of these ongoing challenges can be resolved if your Salesforce team keeps optimization at the heart of everything they do on a daily basis when it comes to maintaining the platform for your business.

And these aren’t the only questions you might want to ask yourself.

Do your end-users constantly complain about having to spend a lot of time entering information? Do you lack accurate visibility of what your sales and marketing pipeline is?

Most importantly, do your stakeholders and end-users receive the right support and help at the right time? Giving your end-users the right guidance goes a long way to ensure adoption from users.

#Optimizing your Salesforce platform is an ongoing process, and shouldn’t be something that you do once in a while when you reach a dead-end or a blocker, as is developing the skilled resources internally, who play a significant role in how well you can leverage what the platform offers.

Today, #CRM takes the 1st spot when it comes to the technology budget

Salesforce is not an inexpensive investment for any business. Because of this, it becomes extremely important that you are ensuring you leverage what it has to offer to help you drive your business to the next level.

If you have already invested in Salesforce, it is likely that you understand how strategically significant it is for your customer experience and, eventually, your revenue. But are you getting the most out of what it has to offer?



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