Key ingredients for your Salesforce technology team, to help you extract value

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4 min readApr 1, 2021

To be able to react fast to the evolving business strategy, develop fast, and deliver scalable solutions fit to meet the business strategy, a combination of the right team + a well-defined delivery approach + rules of the road (to success) is critical.

At the end of the day, businesses, particularly where systems are involved, want to focus more on new possibilities rather than having to deal with technical problems or technical debt.

The right team:

Check out Paulo Gomes’ recent post CRM | The Game Changer 3.0 where he passionately talks about the right mix of roles required for building up a Salesforce tech team and why it’s critical to any project success, including helping businesses get the max value.

Of course, not all businesses may have the budget available to build a team that size, but it’s guaranteed to get you thinking if you have the right team in place and how you could fill the gaps.

For example,

◽️does your salesforce tech team operate with a vision in mind

◽️does your team have the required knowledge of best practices to avoid any costly mistakes

A well-defined delivery approach:

The fact that Salesforce does three releases each year with hundreds of new functionality, delivery solutions on the Salesforce platform can be very different from the traditional technologies, also due to the flexibility that comes with configuring & developing on the Salesforce platform. This also means you want to approach your Salesforce delivery in an agile way and want to deliver solutions more frequently.

This can be tricky when one wants to ensure what’s being delivered is scalable and is not just for the sake of a speedy rollout. How can businesses manage this?

✅ Leverage the use of sandboxes and define your release cycle — this is the most critical step for businesses that want a smooth delivery for their solutions on the Salesforce platform

✅ Start by splitting your releases into Business as Usual (BAU) and Project releases



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